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Poster: wingsprint Date: Nov 4, 2011 11:53am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: BBC George Orwell 1984.... download now

What is wrong with you people this needs to be the number 1 download right now !!!!!!!.....dont waste anymore time with the other stuff in this section.....

i live on planet dope...if you do not down this movie now and watch it there is no hope for people are dopes

i figured by now this would be number 1 download

its hopeless....

have you dopes watched THX 1138 ????? Hello......

Ok ...the beverly hillbillies archive is worth downloading

Hee..Hee ...just kidding...all the stuff on this site is great...and all that contribute should be thanked...i have enjoyed this site more than any site ever....

thank you!!! to those who are responsible

but this should be number one download for this section...

do it now!!!!!!!!!!!

imagine Quentin Tarentino saying it to you......

say it!!!!!!!!!

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Poster: guyzilla Date: Nov 4, 2011 6:19pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: BBC George Orwell 1984.... download now

OK, now that you're done yanking our chains, I think it's great as well as being a must for Peter Cushing fans. If this one really gets you that hyped up, maybe you should write a review. What do ya say?